SharePoint Development done right!

There is no doubt that Microsoft SharePoint is the market leader in business solutions – and rightfully so! It’s feature-packed and incredibly versatile. But how exactly does SharePoint integrate with the way your business operates?

At Nettko, we don’t believe in SharePoint development that leads to a huge library of functionality that your staff will never use, or even worse, will confuse them. By first understanding how your staff interact with SharePoint and how this ties into your daily business operations we can find huge increases in productivity and increase your efficiency far
more than building a huge list of features and functionality.

We take pride in understanding your business, and catering to its exact needs with pinpoint accuracy. Nettko has a tried and tested custom SharePoint development process that leads to gigantic time and cost saving benefits to you and your business.


We’ve hand-picked a team that have a deep understanding of SharePoint and SharePoint development, and our engineers are Microsoft Certified Solution Experts. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are proud to say that at a technical level we understand SharePoint far better than the average SharePoint development agency.

Many of our customers require very specific and customised functionality within SharePoint, and our talented team can not only roll out an ideal solution in the shortest possible time, but you can rest assured that reliability and security are our primary concerns.

Failing to Plan
is Planning to Fail

At Nettko, we believe that you should ‘measure twice, cut once’. Rather than diving into a development project head first, we believe in properly researching the best possible solution. This saves time and money, and results in you receiving the best possible bang for your buck. Providing massive value to our clients is what Nettko prides itself on.

By understanding your primary business objectives, we can suggest solutions you’ve never considered or even knew existed. These Cloud solutions will cause mind-blowing improvements in efficiency immediately upon launch. At Nettko our staff are trained to have the customers’ best interests at heart, and we truly believe that our services can
transform your business in no time at all.

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